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At intelliHome, we believe that home automation technology can provide practical solutions to everyday problems and make life easier and more convenient. Based in Abilene, TX, we offer innovative solutions for homeowners of all income levels because our family-owned company aims to make sure all of our customers can access our services. From basic professional electrician services to home automation, home security system installation, and even hanging Christmas lights, we do it all.

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Abilene Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Our licensed electricians are experienced in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

New Construction
We love wiring new homes! Don't let the excitement and stress of a new build cause you to overlook something. Instead, let our team walk through the electrical design process with you to ensure your dream home has everything you want!

Remodels Have a electrical need? Big or small, our team can take care of it!

Service Changes Time for an update? Don't wait any longer! Give us a call!

Repairs & Upgrades Have an electrical issue that needs to be addressed? Let us handle it!

Abilene Home Theater

Home Theater

Let us help make your movie nights even more fun as you and your family enjoy a cinema-like experience in your own home! With equipment and installation configured to your room's size and shape, we'll make sure your personal home theater can provide the best viewing experience possible. No matter where you're located in the Abilene, TX area, we can bring the theater straight into your home!

Our Home Theater Systems Include:
Customized Intallation
Don't let your home theater be an after-thought; this will cause you frustration down the road. Our team can plan your setup so that it is well thought out and all of your wiring and equipment is properly installed.

Surround Sound
Essential to any home theater, surround sound is one of the most important parts of the setup. We can calibrate the speakers and ensure that you are hearing the best sound possible.

Abilene Multi-Zone Audio

Multi-Zone Audio

Our whole home audio service is a staple for homeowners who enjoy music and entertaining. It features anywhere from 4 to 18 individual zones which are controlled independently using digital backlit keypads, and can connect to up to 6 unique audio sources.

Individual Zones
Each zone can be independently directed to any of the unique sources using the digital soft-touch keypads. This gives you complete control over the audio in every room in your home.

In-Ceiling Speakers
Our stylish speakers produce crisp sound and are installed in the ceiling to ensure a concealed, yet elegant look.

Unique Audio Sources Our system can accept up to six unique audio sources. These sources can be TVs, computers, MP3 players, or even your cell phone.

Abilene Smart Security

Smart Security

Smart home security systems ensure optimal safety and peace of mind. Our services provide a practical solution which is customized to your unique wants and needs. Cameras, smoke detectors, door locks, and home monitoring sensors can communicate together and alert you directly anytime they sense danger. For more information about the home security systems we offer the Abilene, TX area, contact us today!

Our Home Security Systems Include:

Security Cameras
Video surveillance will give you peace of mind when you're away from your home. Our high-definition cameras will give you a clear view of your home, and they feature motion-detecting technology which can be set to record when movement is sensed. Our cameras are waterproof and rated for outside use, so you can ensure your entire property is safe, all the time.

Video Doorbells
Want to be notified when someone is at your front door, even if you're away from your home? We can program your home to alert you anytime someone rings your doorbell, and even send you a digital image on your smart phone. Not only will this increase your security, but if you are home, you'll know exactly who is at your door before you open it.

Abilene Home Automation

Home Automation

We specialize in making home technology practical and efficient. Our home automation services connect your devices together in a way that is simple and easy to understand. We can create scheduled and triggered events which determine how your home technology functions.

Abilene Network Optimization

Network Optimization

Network optimization has become increasingly essential as more devices in the home depend on a stable WiFi connection to operate correctly. Our team can help structure your home network in the most efficient way possible, ensuring you and your loved ones have dependability when you need it most.